What My Clients Are Saying

Three benefits from coaching would be that you learn to pay attention to your thoughts, you learn to process your feelings, and you learn to question your beliefs. I would definitely recommend you to work with my family and friends because I feel so enlightened by the work we have done together and my life has totally changed for the better as a result!! 

Adrienne B., Pennsylvania

“I’m no longer as hesitant to try new things where the outcomes may not lead to success. She helped me acknowledge that failure is a part of self discovery and can lead to new possibilities. I now have a much broader perspective of my potential and the motivation to use it to achieve my goals.”

Jeff C., California

“Working with BJ has equipped me with better awareness of acute details of leadership, allowing me to maximize the way that I work with my team(s). The results began showing immediately. Everything from simple phrasings like changing “problems” to “opportunities” to major changes to the way that I approach goal setting, BJ has helped me elevate myself and those around me.”

Doug G., NYC

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