American biologist, E.O. Wilson said, “We are drowning in information and starving for wisdom”.

I think about this all the time. How much more space is in my head for information I’m absorbing and which parts are useful?

Marie Kondo is showing millions of people this technique of clearing space in their homes and I want to see you do it with your head. We all know how freeing it feels when there’s more space in our homes. No more clutter. I think it can be the same for our brains…more room to think clearly and relax.

What if Marie Kondo came into you head?  What would she tell you to get rid of? Imagine that feeling in your brain if you could de-clutter it. 

This clutter in my head effects me most in running my business. It feels like I have 8 arms trying to do all the work and absorb all the information. I’m drowning in information & execution overload. I know only have 2 arms so how do I focus?

I have to rely on a system to eliminate what doesn’t serve me, eliminate things that are distracting me. We all can experience A.D.D. when notifications are popping up, bells are dinging, and hits of the latest news are jumping up on our screen.

Part of my system is to turn them off.

I put my phone on airplane mode everyday for about 3-4 hours so I can seriously concentrate. Try it! I promise it’ll all be there when you turn it back on.

The other part of my system is to do one thing at a time.  

I think men are better at this than women. I may get some hate mail for this but I’ve always taken pride in how women can do it all, but IF you want to accomplish something efficiently and move on then you can’t do it at the same time.  You’ll be more clear and produce better work when you focus on one thing at time. Also, this eliminates a lot of feelings of overwhelm.

This may seem counter-intuitive to most but Michael Hyatt said “You can achieve more by doing less.”

If you need help designing a system to let go then contact me for a free strategy session.  I’ll be your Marie Kondo.