power poses for interviewIf you’re getting ready for a job interview, you’ve probably already started prepping for the most common interview questions. [click here job interview questions blog]


Maybe you’ve even thought about what to wear to look your best. [link to dress for success blog]


Have you thought about how you’ll sit, though?
No, you haven’t? Well let’s make sure you do. Because body language is one of the most important aspects of a successful job interview.


What Does Your Body Language Say About You?


Body Language is such a game changer when you’re interviewing and meeting people. It sets your mood and energy level.


Your body language also reflects to others what’s going on in your mind about yourself. It’s your first impression.


So, if body language is so important, let’s look at what most people do before an interview.  Yes, they are hunched over looking at their phones. This position appears protective and reflects lack of confidence. You are also giving off the impression that you’re shy or nervous.


In my career as an operations manager, this is something I saw often in the candidates who were waiting to be interviewed.


Is this how you want to start your interview, looking shy, nervous, and totally unconfident? I didn’t think so!


I want to show you a much better option, the Power Pose! The Power Pose will change your attitude and the way you look when you show up to your interview. I learned this technique from a lady by the name of Ann Cuddy who says that the Power Pose is a body language technique that naturally creates confidence. This is the perfect pose to master before an interview.

Be Your Inner Beyonce

What is the power pose?


Stand with your legs wider than hip-distance apart. Now make fists and put them on your hips, draw your shoulder blades together, and hold your head high.


Who is the master of this pose?  Right, Wonder Woman. Who else does this pose? She’s actually my avatar in many situations in life… Queen B, Beyonce. She is the epitome of a Power Mama. Look at her pose. She’s always like #igotthis!


And how do you get this pose to be one that is natural for you, one that begins to shape who you are and develop that confidence?  


You do it by practicing. Get into this pose and hold it for 2 minutes. Do this 2-3 times for 2 minutes, a few days before the day of the interview. And do it the morning of the interview, and even do it moments before heading into the interview room.


You should now feel like Wonder Woman or even Beyonce. You got this interview!

If you found this tip helpful and you want to get more confidence and less confusion when applying for jobs, contact me for your free strategy session.[click here free mini session]

And remember… “Life doesn’t just happen. You make life happen.”