What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think about your boss?


Something you wouldn’t want to say in front of your grandma?


Maybe you feel like your boss doesn’t understand you. Maybe you just feel generally frustrated with your job.


Most young employees are emotionally attuned to workplace interactions. You might pick up on subtle signals or be sensitive to communication changes.


Why can’t your boss see that you’re not a spoiled employee, but that you are motivated by different things?


If job satisfaction seems like a far-off dream, don’t give up and don’t quit! There’s a solution!


I’m going to walk you through two key tips for creating job satisfaction by communicating better with your boss.


Master Your Mindset


First, you need to shift your thinking about your boss.


Whenever you find yourself thinking, “S/he just doesn’t understand me!” take time to re-frame your thoughts. This kind of thinking is actually a self-fulfilling prophecy. Yes, that’s right. Your negative thought will create a negative result.


Instead of assuming that your boss isn’t willing to hear you or listen to you, plant a positive thought in your own mind.


What thought about your boss would make you feel comfortable approaching him or her and talking about who you are and your needs?


Once you have the right thought, something like “My boss is cool and supportive but might not know what makes me thrive,” you’ll feel comfortable starting a conversation with your boss. You’ll go in with a positive attitude, so you’ll communicate more effectively and be more persuasive.


It’s kind of like a pep talk before a competition or a performance.


Talk to Your Boss


Second, you need to be proactive. Share with your boss these 5 things that will help you thrive at work!


1) You want to be coached on how to navigate the organization’s politics. Tell him / her to be straight-up with what is going on and how to manage it.


2) You need to be challenged. You like assignments that make you stretch. You have courage and aren’t afraid to take risks.


3) You need an environment where it is safe for you to disagree with the status quo or to flesh out new ideas. You’re not afraid to engage in debate, but you don’t want to risk damaging professional relationships.


4) Your boss needs to accept your quirks. Tell him / her that you know that it can be frustrating that your generation is different from theirs. Emphasize that even though as a millennial your work culture is different, it doesn’t mean you take work less seriously.


5) You thrive in an appreciative environment. It makes a big difference to you to hear “Well done!”


If you found these tips helpful and want to go deeper into how to find job satisfaction, contact me for your free mini coaching session.

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And remember… “Life doesn’t just happen. You make life happen.”