Do you ever feel pressure when things aren’t going smoothly at work?
Sometimes when things are going wrong, even leaders, like you, get nervous.

You’re stuck in the middle of what your teams are experiencing and what you can actually do to fix it. People underneath you are upset, expressing lots of needs and it disrupts progress.

Big changes can require upper management or other departments to get involved. This causes a delay and your stress rises even more. Bureaucracy can be challenging.

One thing, I like to teach leaders is to focus on the outcome.
The only thing they have control over is the outcome.

No matter what the struggles are in between, the outcome is the same. You can get the wheels turning again if you can get employees to focus on the outcome.

The problem is this is easier said than done. Nobody has taught you how to NOT get caught up in the emotions of everyone else, and overcome the pressures you’re feeling so you don’t lose vision for the work.

How do you manage everyone’s needs and keeping the business moving forward? I help successful leaders develop a strategy so progress isn’t interrupted.

I coach high performance employees, emerging leaders and mid-level leaders the art of being resilient in times of high stress. In our 1-1 coaching sessions we uncover your unique opportunities and challenges at work. If you’re curious about my program let’s talk.