Do you ever feel like your team is busy working but you are not sure what exactly they are focused on?

  •     Ask them what they’re working on.
  •     Have them turn in  a simple list.
  •     You’ll find that they’re probably working on way too many things.

According to Michael Hyatt, in order to be super productive and effective people should only work on 3 things a day, 3 goals a week. And they need to spend time either saving the company $$ or making the company $$.

You have to control their thinking and rein in that unproductive thinking.

If they’re not working on 3 goals a week that are focused on Saving $$ or Making $$ for the company then they’re not effective. They should be spending their time on one or both of those areas.

The more the productive their thinking then the more better it is for profits for your company.

Each week ask them to turn in their Top 3 Big Goals.
You might have to work with your team to get these right.  It will take a few attempts.

Michael Hyatt suggests this starts at the top first, then moves down to the next level of leadership then down to the next one. This way from the C level executive team the focus and goals are set.

It will look like this:

> C level executives pick top 3 goals that they’re working on to Save the company $$ or Make the company $$. then…..

> VP level set their 3 goals for the week and the C level provides feedback. When they sign off then…

> Directors set their 3 goals for the week and VP level provides feedback. When they sign off then…

> Managers set their 3 goals for the week and Directors provide feedback.  When they sign off then the next level.

When this is dialed in you should feel the energy of the company jump.

  • They are working on 3 things only.
  • Not wasting time.
  • They are focused on what Saves the company money or Makes the company money.

This is one exercise you can’t afford not to do.