Your performance at work follows beliefs and mindset.

In other words, what you believe, or I like to say what you think….. will dictate your performance.

Follow my logic here:

  • You can change what you believe to get a different performance.
  • Beliefs are learned, not a circumstance.
  • Beliefs form habits and habits can be replaced.

You all know I love sports so I’m going to use running a marathon as an example for how Performance Follows Beliefs and Mindset.

A marathon runner’s performance is only as good as his belief that he can finish, and his mindset is repeating thoughts that serve him.  He has thoughts like…. “the weather is perfect” or “the fans are great”.  Yes, he has trained and has the skills to run a marathon but the performance follows his beliefs and his mindset, not his ability.

This same philosophy can be applied to your performance at work. The human brain has more to do with your performance than your ability to perform your job. I see so many amazing employees that are subject matter experts but their performance can keep them from crossing the finish line.

Skills are developed incrementally over time and through conscious effort.
But how you think about your job, or how you think about a work situation, or how you think about your boss or a co-worker will dictate how well you perform.

It’s like magic!

Figure out what you believe about your work or your career, and see if your mindset is in the right place to deliver a top-notch performance.