Getting the raise you deserve is an essential part of job satisfaction.


But most people go about getting approved for that salary increase or that next promotion in the wrong way. They either wait passively for their hard work to be noticed, or they come on way too strong without laying the right foundation.


If you want to get a raise the first time you ask, here are the three secret ingredients to getting that “Yes” and taking the next step in your career.

Be Your Own Advocate


I learned at the beginning of my career that to get ahead, I had to be my own biggest advocate.


No one else has your interests in mind. That doesn’t mean they’re against you. It simply means that you can’t rely on someone else to do the work for you.


Do you go home at night and think about how you can secure a raise for your coworkers? I didn’t think so. The only person that is going to sing  your praises is you, so make sure you do it!


Here’s how you can start selling yourself:

  • Track your results weekly, or monthly.  A simple spreadsheet will do.
  • Talk about your results! Share accomplishments with your boss.


Tell a Story

Instead of just rattling off all your statistics, tell a brief story related to each result you share with your boss. Make it interesting and more memorable.


Don’t leave it to your boss to connect the dots. Show how your actions and initiative helped the company’s bottom line.


At the heart of promoting yourself is telling your story.

  • Be genuine
  • Be authentic
  • Get to know your boss’s wants and needs so you can specifically address them in your sales pitch.


Build the Relationship

In order to make self-promotion work for you instead of against you, you need to understand the subtle art to it.


Everything starts with relationships. Your first job is to connect with the person you’re trying to sell. Only once you’ve done that can you focus on your selling points about YOU.


Let your boss respond. Listen to their feedback. And don’t argue or contradict what they say.


Instead, use these two simple but game-changing words: “Yes, and…”

  • “Yes, and I think there is one fact that makes this a strong xxx”
  • “Yes, and, my point is this…”


Ready for That Raise?

You can absolutely get the raise you deserve. Remember, you have to champion your successes!


When you advocate for yourself, you’re doing all the legwork for your boss. They don’t have to look back through project outcomes and try to remember what you’ve done lately.


When you combine your self-advocacy with detailed stories and a strong relationship, you’re well on your way to getting your next raise and making your dream job the one you already have.


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