We all want to be in our Dream Job.

We tell ourselves, “I’ll be happier. I’ll be living my purpose. I’ll like myself more. I’ll enjoy those 8 hours a day when I’m in my dream job.”

Maybe you feel frustrated that you’re not already in your dream job and you start blaming your current job.

“This is not what I’m supposed to be doing.”

“This isn’t what I went to school for.”

“My boss is the worst.”

Do you find yourself complaining?

We all get caught in this cycle. It weakens us. It makes us less effective in our jobs. And it’s an excuse.

The truth is, it’s not the job making you miserable. It’s the way you think about the job.

The more you complain about your job and compare it to that dream job in your mind, the more miserable you become.

If you can make yourself more miserable just by thinking, can you also make yourself happier? The answer is YES!

Of course, it’s easier to wish away your current job. But if you take the time to change your attitude, you’ll find yourself closer to your dream job than ever before.

The first step toward being in your dream job is to adopt the attitude you would have if you were in that job. 

Use these steps to change your mindset.

  1. First, take 5 minutes to imagine yourself in your dream job. Imagine what you’d be doing everyday in your dream job.
  2. Now, imagine who you would be in your dream job. How would you act? How would you treat others? What kind of energy would you show up to work with?
  3. Compare your answers from Step 2 with who you are right now. If you’re not that person already, you have some work to do because the biggest lie we tell ourselves is, “Once I have my dream job, I’ll get to be who I am.”

What’s going on in your job doesn’t determine who you are. Your job has little consequence to whether you’re living your purpose or not.

Here’s what determines who you are:

  • How purposefully you decide to show up in whatever job you’re in. You can always choose to show up at your job and kill it, do the best job that anyone’s ever done in that job because that’s who you are.
  • How well you manage your mind. External facts or circumstances can’t control how you feel. Facts don’t cause feelings. Only our thoughts about those facts cause our feelings. The question is, how do you want to think about your job?

Reality Check

Even your “dream job” will have bad moments. You’ll have tasks and responsibilities that are unsatisfying or that you believe you shouldn’t be doing, that are not part of what you thought it would be. You might even think some of them are below you.

There is no such thing as a perfect job. I like to say 50% of life is going to be amazing and 50% is going to be challenging, but the only choice is to subscribe to 100% of it.  And if you can adopt the philosophy of being who you want to be and managing your mind, you won’t be constantly complaining, and wondering when you’ll be happier.

In fact, the more you learn to manage the challenging times with your mind, the better you’ll get through those moments or situations.  You might even start to experience 80% amazing and 20% challenging!  It’s all how you manage your expectations, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The truth is that without an attitude adjustment, you wouldn’t be able to recognize your dream job even if it were right in front of you.

If you really want to start creating your dream job right now, start creating your dream self.

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