Do you need help developing your associates?

Maybe you’re facing constant turnover and endless new-employee training. Or maybe the associates you have seem listless and lethargic, not the dynamic team members you expected when you interviewed them.

Let me help your company utilize the full potential of its employees. I coach all levels of associates to improve their attitude and performance, teaching them strategies to manage their on-the-job behavior.

Who Needs Coaching?

Coaching is especially helpful for young associates, and emerging leaders with potential. This includes brand new associates who have no idea how to make their careers work, and your high performers who are ready for management, or leaders who want more management skills.


  • Increased employee retention.
  • Higher levels of employee satisfaction and cooperation.
  • Employees gain skills to inspire others.
  • Employees are more efficient / productive.
  • Employees are more independent and self-starting.  
  • Increased profitability.

The biggest benefit comes from having a healthier culture at your company because associates learn how to create their own job satisfaction, perform as high-quality employees, and improve their behaviors, which makes them more capable in their roles. 

Tailored programs tackle things like:

  • Leadership Development.
  • Workplace Relationships.
  • Entitlement vs. Effort
  • Time Management & Productivity.
  • Confidence & Independence.
  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking.  
  • Thought Leadership.

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About Me:

I’m a former corporate executive who knows all about the struggles of achieving job satisfaction. I’ve led many teams with associates who were frustrated because they didn’t really know how to navigate corporate culture or excel at their careers.

Most young professionals aren’t taught how to deliver value and create results on the job. They have no understanding of how to behave in a workplace environment.

My 20+ years of corporate experience plus my professional coaching certification give me a unique set of tools and approaches to achieve positive results for your employees and company.  

Let me be an inspirational leader for your employees and them in career shape!

Contact me to review your goals or any questions.

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