Being authentic has been a popular trend the past few years. I like that people strive to be accepting of themselves and others, are thoughtful, and are able to express feelings freely.
But I want the new trend to be more about Integrity.
Authenticity vs. Integrity are similar but different.
Integrity has the quality of being honest but with stronger moral principles and uprightness.
I think we’ve lost some integrity in our right to express feelings freely these days. I’ve noticed this at work and in society.
When we are authentic with integrity then we create less division. 
Here’s an example from Psychology Today:
Bosses highlighting their staff’s accomplishments and downplaying their own have integrity. They have no need for power because they know they’re good at what they do. The good boss makes a constant effort to appreciate a staff’s contribution and to give them credit for a job well done. 
The bad news, we rarely see this kind of healthy, appropriate behavior in the workplace. We desperately need more integrity from bosses far and wide. The good news about integrity is that we’re not born with it which means that it’s a behavior we can cultivate over time.
Authenticity and Integrity are great traits to have for success.  
How do you know if you need to improve them in your life?
When you find yourself with one or more of these behaviors:
>judgmental of others
>do not think things through clearly
>have a hostile sense of humor
>look to others for approval