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I’m BJ, a certified career coach.

I know what you’re going through, at different points in my career I felt like my job was sucking the life out of me and I wanted more meaning, enthusiasm, and I didn’t know how to achieve it.

My own professional path had its share of challenges. I learned the hard way (and alone) how to change jobs, how to navigate office politics, and how to manage my emotions in a corporate culture.

With over 20 years’ experience working for Fortune 500 companies like Oracle, Apple, and Victoria’s Secret, I recognized all the associates struggling with job satisfaction.

I kept asking myself, “What’s the missing piece?”

Then it hit me: it was all about the right mindset. Before they could manage the workplace environment, they had to learn how to manage their own inner mental environments.

That’s when Gray Matter Career Coaching was born.

I left NYC for California and started my career 2.0, helping everyone who is struggling in their job find happiness, balance and meaning in their career.

Let’s face it

….we have to work.

….we spend most of our life at our jobs.

….we need to be in control of our happiness and success.

After coaching with me you will have the right skills and behaviors that keep you from enjoying what you do everyday now.

Are you frustrated, curious or confused on how to find happiness in your career?

Let me provide the expert coaching you need for next-level career engagement!

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Certified Life Coach – THE LIFE COACH SCHOOL

IDEAlliance Enterprise Education – LUMINAIRE AWARD