I’m sharing some of my favorite podcasts that I listen to each week and highlighting one that I listened to recently. This podcasts interviews Henry Cloud.

What I liked about this podcast is that Henry not only lists his 5 the buckets of leadership but he covers a realm of soft skills that need to be practiced if you’re really going to have the ultimate success in leading your teams. Below is a quick snapshot but listen yourself (maybe a few times) to get the real feel for what / why he believes these are important.

Key Topics Mentioned:
> Mindset shift: As a leader…..“I’m responsible to you. I’m not responsible for you.”
> Fear is a common emotion when you’re making hard decisions.
> The difference between hurt and harm.
> Necessary endings.
> Learning is painful.
> There is no learning without the state of arousal.
> Your goal is to lead growth minded people.
> Practicing empathy looks like this.

5 Buckets of Leadership:
> Vision
> Engage Talent
> Execute Strategy
> Measure Results
> Adapt & Fix


Below are my favorite podcasts I listen to each week for insights into leadership skills & principles. These 4 podcasts not only keep me learning about the best leadership traits but inspire me for my weekly Work It Out emails.

Tim Ferriss Podcast

Entre Leadership Podcast

Hello Monday

Building A Storybrand with Donald Miller

Check them out!!